Bulk Content Pricing & Quotes

Our bulk content writing service charges are simple enough.

Pricing is related to the following factors:

  • Minimum order quantity per project = 120,000
  • Minimum words per week = 10,000
  • Project deposit = 20% total project cost
  • Price per word in $ = $0.02

How does it work?

To place your order for bulk content, simply:

  1. Tell us how many words your project comprises of
    • our minimum order quantity per project is 120,000 words
  2. Commit to giving us a minimum of 10,000 words of copy to write for you per week
  3. Agree to pay our rate of $0.02 (2 cents) per word & our project deposit of 20%
    • e.g. a 120,000-word project would be valued at $2,400 – deposit amount $480, paid upfront.
  4. Each week until the completion of the 120,000 (at the production rate of 10,000 words per week), the weekly quota of written copy is submitted by email and paid for at this rate…
    • $0.016 per word (discounted to reflect your deposited sum of 20% collected upfront i.e. $480, prior to the start of the project)
  5. Content is delivered weekly and weekly payments made according to the agreed rate until all is complete.
  6. In the example of a 120,000 word project – a total sum of $2,400 is paid for the content produced (which is drip fed weekly over 12 weeks @ $160 and a deposit of $480 received upon agreement)

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  • Maximum words per article 5,000
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