What Is HomeWorkers Inc.?

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HomeWorkers Inc. is an online business training workshop for learning how to solve all sorts of business problems.

Through this website we aim to give small to medium sized business personnel (e.g. investors, owners, employees etc.) access to best-in-class tutorials, examples, templates, guides and resources for getting better results.

The idea behind the name is simply this, “…those who do their homework, get better results!”

Who is behind HomeWorkers Inc.?

We are a husband and wife with multidisciplinary business and managerial expertise.

Our unique mix of professional academic training and experience affords us an uncommon breadth and depth of business & managerial understanding and skill.

How we started…

We started out as marketing strategy consultants to start-ups and sole traders. We quickly found that the rate determining step to us succeeding at this work was actually doing what was suggested in the plan.

We often lacked the technical know-how or the time to perform the necessary tasks.

We learned some valuable lessons…

Over the last 7 years we have deeply explored a variety of advantageous web-based technologies to help us fulfil our clients’ strategic plans.

These IT-solutions also help us automate much of the work to make our professional efforts go much further.

This adds much more value for money to our clients who are business owners seeking to run better businesses.

Does better technology always equal better business?

Our experience is, “…no, not at all.”

Whilst technology certainly can provide the tools to do things better, their only as useful their application to tackling problems.

Technological tools therefore become valuable assets where you have useful application coupled with expertise to put it to good use.

Where you also add the advantage of experience, you have a very potentially profitable situation.

Why read on?…

These are the benefits we hope to pass on to you, our reader.

  • Hard to find business solutions
  • Advantageous technological tools
  • Many ways to apply our solutions for your profit
  • Experience to help you make the most of using our approach

This aim of this blog is to freely share with you our recommended solutions for overcoming a wide array of business related problems, using tools and methods which are not necessarily the most obvious.

Why The Name…HomeWorkers Inc.?

In the schooling sense, homework is the process in which students take away from the classroom prescribed problems as training exercises to be attempted in their own time.

The purpose of this is to train within the student an ability to overcome the nature of such trials under pressured cross examination, or under real life conditions.

Business is full of problems, some more difficult than others and everyone involved with a business could be a potential problem solver.

To solve a problem you simply need to have examined, considered, developed an approach, selected your tools, and received the authority to begin the work of turning it around.

Everyone involved with a business can be a competent problem solver with the right exercise regime.

We want this blog to be a gym of sorts for you to get in shape when it comes to tackling your business related problems.

Who is HomeWorkers Inc. for?

As we said before,

Everyone involved with a business can be a competent problem solver with the right exercise regime.

All inclusive.

You could be the CEO, or an interviewee for a new job. There is nothing stopping you at any level pitching in with an appropriately measured solution to a business problem.

Our goal is two fold.

  1. To equip you with the business acumen for undoing these business challenges.
  2. Provide you with our recommended tools for effecting the solution.

How Does HomeWorkers Inc. work?

It’s very simple.

You have a business problem. No matter what you role is, solving your problem is important to you.

Giving you the solution is therefore important to us.

We produce bite-sized example problems/exercises, jam packed full of all the insider detail you might not find elsewhere on the internet.

We solve the problem clearly and concisely, putting all of our consulting experience and expertise to the task and show all our workings out for how we did it.

The best part about it is we hand the solution over to you at the end of the blog post for you to try it out yourself.

The idea is that you get the benefit of hiring a business consultant to solve your problem, without the cost of actually hiring one! That’s right, zero cost.

No obligation to talk to anyone, or give away any proprietary information.

Simply select the exercise which matches your current problem, take a few minutes in your own time to read it through, take away our ready-made solution as your very own and have a go.

We want to deliver you instant benefits form doing our homework exercises.

Does HomeWorkers Inc. offer bespoke business consultancy though?

We are in the business of building ready-made business solutions to real-life business problems.

If you don’t find the solution you are looking for within our off-the-shelf material and resources, then feel free to get in contact.

If it’s a problem we feel is one which much of our readership could benefit from, we’ll prioritise tackling it in our scheduled release of solutions via the blog.

Otherwise, we hope to feature our solution for it a little further down the line.

We appreciate every contact made.

Time permitting, we’ll always do our level best to serve you a way of getting better business results.

What if I find inaccuracies, or don’t agree with a HomeWorkers Inc. solution?

We are not exempt from making mistakes. Neither will our solutions be the best fix for everyone.

We aim to help. If you found our help…helpful, then we are delighted.

If not, then why not share your thoughts by commenting or getting in touch?

We hope you find your way around this website easily and get lots of value attempting our homework exercises.

We want to publish as many business problems as possible on this website and with such an ambition, we welcome your feedback and contributions.

Enjoy reading on,

HomeWorkers Inc.

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